Cycle Sunday Ride Report - 16th September 2018

This Sunday three regular riders set off on a sunny morning for Bow Brickhill.  This ride is predominantly off road without using the canal path. We rode along the riverside path and joined Plantation Road.  At the end of the road we rode into Rushmere Park and up the steep track past the café and on to the cycle track on the right. We followed the track to the old school gates and went right for a hundred yards before taking the track on the left which goes through the wood, past Rannamere Farm and after the gate on to the A5 path north.  

We cycled to the roundabout at Little Brickhill, crossed the A5 and took the left turn towards the Woburn Golf Club.  After a hundred yards we turn left on to the bridle path which goes through the golf course. At the end of the path we went left and then left again to ride the track past the church and down into Bow Brickhill.  On the left, inset into April cottage, is one of my favourite plaques. This plaque objects to the sale of the common land in 1844.  The names are those of who sold the land and therefore their perfidy (according to the carver) has been preserved in stone for perpetuity.

 From Bow Brickhill we rode left to the roundabout, then right over the railway line and first left into the Caldecote Business Park.  We went right at the roundabout and then took the cycle path on the left to Caldecote Lake (see photo).

We rode round the southern edge and took the bridle path left which goes under the road and the railway and comes out at Dobbies. We crossed the road into the Rugby Club and immediately after the bridge went left and followed the path which follows the river past East Leys Farm and on to Water Eaton. Crossing the canal and over the roundabout we rode along Lomond Drive to the traffic lights.  After the lights we went left along Drayton Road. 

We joined the bike path on the right and where it ends, crossed the road (it was closed today) and joined the bridle path which is by the side of the by-pass.  As this was also closed today it made for a very quiet ride. We followed the path, turning right then left and up the hill off road into Soulbury. We rode through the village and followed the road back into Lnslade and Leighton Buzzard. This is a lovely way to spend Sunday morning, a 20.6 mile ride with lots of off road in the sun – nothing could be better.

There will be no ride next week. The next ride will be Sunday 30th September at 10.30 am from the market cross.