Cycle Sunday Ride Report - 15th July 2018

Another glorious day and six of us set off to ride some of bridle paths to the north- east of Leighton Buzzard. One of them is very difficult in winter when it is very muddy and wet so today was a great opportunity to ride this lovely path. We rode along Vandyke Road and Eastern Way and turned towards Heath and Reach and at the top of the hill turned right along Overend Green Lane. The lane ends on the Heath and Reach road where we turned right and rode along to the Flying Fox roundabout on the A5.

Crossing the roundabout and going along Sheep Lane we turned left at the Greensand Ridge Way sign on to the path. This path is superb but in winter can be very muddy and not rideable in a couple of places. Today is was absolutely dry but there were a few dried out muddy places which were rutted and needed a steady wheel and extra concentration. At the signpost we turned right and continued on until we reached the track at Job’s Farm where the photograph was taken under the eucalyptus tree.


On reaching the road we cycled only twenty yards left and just past the junction took the bridle path on the left. This is an easy path which goes to the Woburn /Woburn Sands road. We went left and took the first right along the lane towards Apsley Guise. Half way along there is a concrete road on the right to Birchmoor Farm which we took. At the farm we turned left and followed the bridle path, where we saw a roe deer, to Horsepool Lane where we turned right and then left into Husborne Crawley. We turned right to Ridgmont cycling on the path in the shade of the wall of Woburn Park and in Ridgmont turned right towards Eversholt.

There is a nicer route than staying on the road so we went left at the junction then took the Greensand Ridge Way on the right up the gentle hill to Wakes End Farm. We stayed on the ridge way through a cooling wood, crossed the road and continued on the path. Then we came to the stream. The path is in the stream and on such a hot day no one minded getting a little wet. There is a lot of silt to start with so a low gear was essential to avoid a wet foot. We arrived in Eversholt where a cricket match was in progress. Turning left we cycled through the village and up the steepest hill on the ride to Milton Bryan.

Through the village we came to the Woburn/Hockcliffe road where we went right and down and up the hill to the turn left to Potsgrove. It is a lovely lane with good views and today there was a warm head wind. Wen turned left on to Sheep Lane, crossed the roundabout, up the hill to the turn to Overend Green Lane. At the end of the lane we went right into Heath and Reach and then left along Heath Road back into town. I cannot think of a ride that we do that has so many lovely bridle paths and for much of the ride is off road. It took us two hours and fifty minutes to ride this 24.6 miles and what a great way to spend three hours.