Cycle Sunday Ride Report - 26th November 2017

This is a very long ride for a cold sunny morning as we were going to visit Dunstable Downs and Ashridge. Three regular riders set off along Hockcliffe Road, Danes Way and on the Fields where we turned left along Stanbridge Road following the road to the village. At the Five Bells in Stanbridge we turned right down to the start of the Sewell Greenway. Once across the bridge over the by-pass we turned right and then right again to Tottenhoe. We cycled left through the village and at Church Lane we turned right and then left along Wellhead Lane. At the junction with the Dunstable road we crossed over and went up the bridleway towards the Downs.

At the gate we went right and followed the path at the bottom of the Downs all the way to the bottom of the steps. There are some tree roots which on a frosty morning did everything to throw us off the path. You can walk up the steps but we joined the road and went up Bison Hill to the car park. You will need your lowest gears. At the car park we left the road and at the end of the car park took the bridleway which bears to the right and emerges near The Green. A short left and then right put us on the old track which used to be the road towards Holywell. Where the Whipsnade Zoo fence turns away from the path we turned right and followed the path through the woods and on to the west end of Studham where we went right on an untarmacked road and then right again on the tarmacked road. At the junction we went right and at the next junction right again joining the bridleway on the left. This bridleway took us through a wood which was slippery.The bridleway starts on the right and then goes through a gap in the hedge and then down to the Hemel road. We crossed over the road and rode the bridleway up the hill.

The path goes through the hedge on the left and follows the wood round to Hudnall. Once through the wood, again slippery under the leaves, we turned left and at the road junction we turned right through Hudnall towards Ashridge.  We turned right at the junction and rode towards Ringshall turning left into Ashridge just before the 30mph limit. We rode along the road past the college and then turned right along the Ashridge cycle path which goes straight until we reached the Berkhamsted road. We turned right then left towards the Bridgewater Monument (below).

At the monument we took the path on the right along the Duncombe Terraces and came out near Ivinghoe Beacon. We turned left and went downhill to the Ivinghoe road where we turned right then left to Ivinghoe Aston. Then we rode the long straight until we came to the left turn (currently marked as a failed road) to Horton Wharf. At the canal we took the canal path north back to Leighton Buzzard. At the beginning I said it was a long ride and it was. The 30 miles took us three hours and fifty minutes but you will ride some great paths and tackle some challenging up hills but also enjoy the great down hills.