Cycle Sunday Ride Report - 29th April 2018

Four riders set out on a cold drizzly Sunday morning to ride the guided busway to Luton railway station. This is a route that we have never done on a Sunday ride. A lot of the ride is off road and there are no really steep hills but is a long way. We rode to Stanbridge and then right at the Five Bells pub down to the start of the Sewell Greenway. The photo shows three of us at the bridge on the Greenway. At the top of the track we cycled along to the point where we could enter the car park on the left and ride to the road. We turned left past and joined the cycle track on the other side of the road. Crossing the A5 we went right, crossed Carron Road and took the cycle track which led us to the guided busway. We joined the track on the other side of the busway and kept to the track all the way to Luton railway station. There are a few times that you have to cross from one side to the other. We arrived at Luton station in seventy minutes where we turned back and rode to Bedford Road following national route 6. There is a choice up Bedford Road, ride on the road in the marked lane or cycle up the shared path on the other side. We continued to follow route 6 which itself follows the River Lea until we were at the back of the Parkside estate where we went along Frogmore Road, then Sandingham Drive. Turning right along Milton Way we emerged on Park Road North where we used the crossing to ride into the Houghton Hall centre and continued on the path at the back of the old hall. We went to the right and picked up National Route 6 again, cycling up Dog Kennel Downs, until we arrived at the guided busway and turned right following the busway a short distance before crossing the busway and back to the A5. We went along Brewers Hill Road, past the fire station and right along Creasey Park Drive, past the football club and retraced our tyre tracks down the Sewell Greenway to Stanbridge and Leighton Buzzard. This is a ride of 30.2 miles and it took four experienced riders two hours and forty minutes but you could stop at one of the many green spaces and parks that we rode through. Just choose a sunny day without rain and a biting northerly wind!